Individual Counseling, Therapy, & Advocacy

No one decides to go see a therapist for the fun of it. People get counseling or therapy because something is wrong in their lives that they need help to change.

My conviction is that each person has the raw materials inside her- or himself to solve the problem.  A good therapist helps you get in touch with your own inner resources, and can do so under very difficult conditions.

Therapy helps you be the master gardener of your own garden.  That grass seedling in the picture at the left has everything it needs to expand outside its shell.  The snow and ice that initially block its growth can also melt and nourish it.

The following links are to pages which detail some of the most frequent reasons (presenting problems) people seek help:


extreme mood swings,

fears, phobias and anxiety,

difficulties with your children,

symptoms of PTSD,

feeling like you’re “not here” most of the time, or “losing time”

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