Managed Care & Your Choices

flowers thru a fenceIs managed care managing you?

Insurers may cover brief or longer term therapies, if these therapies are evidence-based, and judged by the insurer to be expeditious.

  • Evidence-based therapies are those that have been shown to be effective in achieving specific goals using identifiable interventions, which can be reliably duplicated, based on controlled clinical research which can be replicated.
  • There are, however, many therapeutic modalities which do not lend themselves very well to such specifically quantifiable outcome research.  Yet these therapies are clinically successful, according to the lived experience of many patients. How can one measure the healing value of a safe, therapeutic relationship, which is absolutely unique to the needs of each client?  Only that client can judge, subjectively, whether therapy is working for him or her.

Most insurance companies restrict the number of therapy sessions they will cover, and how much they will reimburse you, regardless of what your needs are, using only evidence from controlled studies.  You may find that to get the kind of therapy you need, you will have to make different financial choices which put you, not your insurance company, in the driver’s seat.

Interestingly, there is well-documented research which demonstrates that hypnosis-facilitated treatments shorten treatment time and save money.(1)  Managed care has yet to acknowledge this fact in its list of approved, evidence-based treatment protocols!

Regardless of what kind of therapy and what kind of therapist you choose, you have to weigh your priorities with body mind therapy as you do with any important decision you make.

Ask yourself, “What is my health worth to me?”

You have to ask yourself what your health is worth, and whether the insurance coverage you have adequately addresses your needs.  In some cases it does.  In others, you may decide to invest personally in your own therapy by paying out of pocket.  In some cases a discount can be negotiated with the therapist if you choose to pay out of pocket instead of having the therapist bill your insurance company.

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Whether you are insured or not, whatever your managed care contract says, I practice an eclectic mix of evidence-based therapies — short and long term.  Your managed care will reimburse you for my services.  Regardless of how you decide to pay for therapy, keep in mind that you are investing in your future self — a healthier, happier YOU.




David Wark (2008) “What we can do with hypnosis: A brief note,” American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 51:1, July 2008.

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